Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Sauna Belt

Why would you ever go into a sweaty disgusting sauna again? Instead, you can wear the sauna belt from Velform! People are always uncomfortable inside saunas, trying to read the newspaper, instead just dripping sweat all over it. What you need is the versatile sauna belt. Play ping pong or pool, all while smiling and losing weight!

Listen to this testimonial:

23 Sep 2005 - Anonymous of Florida, USA (known as Tom in the blogosphere) writes:

The product came on a late nite infomercial. I ordered it, during the order they added on something about value plus with a bogus number for cancellation. The product arrives with little to no directions but many ways to buy other items to go along with it. The value plus and the other item has yet to arrive and you get a 30 day free trial before they charge you for it. Its a money racket. You call the number which shows on your bill and they tell you to call the orginal number you called to order the product, they have no clue about the other products. I've used it 10 days straight and haven't lost nothing or sweated, it gets hot and will burn if you don't turn it down and it never fits close enough to do any weight lost.

Oh, whoops. The sauna belt will burn your abdomen (or junk). These other people think so as well. Shocking that a product on infomercials wouldn't work. Absolutely shocking.


  1. alright, i love you tom, it's a cheap shot...but you are from florida, right?

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