Thursday, December 15, 2005

The Good Life

"How many beignets you think I can fit in my mouth?"
"No more than 3, otherwise you'll choke on the powdered sugar."
"Fine, I guess I'll hold off, I don't want to fill myself up too much before lunch at Antoine's."

Ladies and gentlemen, your New Orleans levee district commissioners.

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  1. Said tonight as I was reading my latest post out loud:

    Nos: One such notable moment occured when...

    Lucy: See, you should just make your posts more like Rich's.

    Nos: Uhmmm, I'm kind of reading here...

    Lucy: No, I'm serious. The way Rich just slowly builds on comical events as they happen to him or as he reads them, it's much funnier than your contrived hierarchies...

    Nos: Right. Thanks. I guess....