Saturday, December 17, 2005

What it is like to wear a suit around the city Part 2: Electric Bugaloo

Now that I am a working man, I wear a suit every day, so I figured that I should revisit the idea of what it is like to walk around the city in a suit.

Wearing a suit because you have to is completely different from wearing a suit for a blog video. All the freedoms and laughter are gone. And I especially miss making THAT FACE. Luckily I can still sneak it in sometimes during lunch.

Speaking of lunch, I like going to lunch in a suit, especially when I go to the Yale Club with my father. I truly feel like a businessman, even if I am not. I felt even more like a businessman, a Tokyo businessman that is, when I went to Soba Nippon (see Restaurant Guide) and ate lunch by myself amid all the other suits.

The final thing that I want to mention about working in a suit is about what happens after work. If I don't go straight home, it means that I go to a variety of activities overdressed for the occasion. On the plus side everyone sees me as a real working adult member of society. For example, I went to the Rangers game the other night and someone said to me, "Go back to Wall Street, you suit!" (Little does he understand the irony that I, working for the NFL, wear a suit every day, but most people on Wall Street do not!) But at least at dinner with friends, all I got was, "You really have to wear a suit EVERY day? At least it looks good."

Can't we just go back to the good old days (like the 1920s and 1930s) when every person of every class wore a suit (and a hat) every day?


  1. "Wearing a suit because you have to is completely different from wearing a suit for a blog video."

    So true Rich, so true.

    (Now send me quicktime pro, you fucking cocksucker)

  2. a englishman working at a smog factory once said: 'i am too poor to buy a cheap suit.'

    as such, i would also like quicktime pro.

  3. plus, if you wear a suit when you pick up your girlfriend from the train station and go out to dinner you can get so much f**king p**sy--if she's not leaving the country in four hours and won't be coming back for four hours that is. though maybe you should pick up the check too.

  4. won't be coming back in three weeks i mean--my bad

  5. You have made me happy forever.