Friday, April 14, 2006

Cartoon Wars Part II

South Park has shown yet again that it is the funniest and most culturally relevant show on television today, period. I'm not going to go on about why it's so good because I've written about that before, but I will direct you to the Wikipedia entry about Wednesday night's episode. There is a wealth of information in here that will make you understand some of the references better, along with a great discovery:

"Despite Comedy Central's ban, Muhammad has been hidden in the opening credits since the episode "Smug Alert!". He is standing next to Satan and Scott Tenorman in the final shot of the sequence."

Also, Tom, if you haven't seen this episode, you must, simply for the scene in which Cartman discovers that the writers for Family Guy are actually manatees who work like this:

"The manatees pick up "idea balls" from the right side of their large tank, and move them over to a hole on the left side. Each ball has the name of a person, a verb, or a pop-culture reference written onto its face. The idea balls travel down a shaft and are collected; a group of five of these idea balls forms a Family Guy joke (e.g. "Laundry" + "Winning" + "Date" + "Mexico" + "Gary Coleman")."

And of course, there is a corresponding scene where Peter forgets to do the laundry, which reminds him of the time that he won a date to Mexico with Gary Coleman.

Finally, I don't expect Family Guy to hit back at South Park because the writers are too busy coming up with brilliant 1980s pop culture jokes and don't have the time to respond to such a baseless attack.

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  1. I saw both episodes last night. PLAY WITHIN A PLAY. BRILLIANT.