Friday, April 28, 2006


After my long day of work yesterday at the NFL Partnership Marketing Summit, I stepped into the Grand Hyatt elevator to head home. As I stood there, I noticed a man holding the book, The Progress Paradox in hand. I had been intruiged by this book since first hearing about it in a column by its author, Gregg Easterbrook, also known as the Tuesday Morning Quarterback (TMQ to his readers). Well, guess what readers? I was standing next to none other than TMQ himself!

Me (after the name introductions): Oh, Mr. Easterbrook, I really like your columns and was wondering if you could tell me anything more about your book?
TMQ: Buy it.
(after this I made a little more small talk and left him alone...what follows is the question I should have asked)
Me: What is the deal with your unhealthy obsession with NFL cheerleaders? I mean, look, I know they're attractive, but you're a smart man, you have more interesting things to write about, don't you?

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