Sunday, April 30, 2006

Draft Recap

I attended the better part of the first round of the NFL Draft yesterday at Radio City Music Hall. While it was a fun experience, I probably won't be going back for awhile. Some thoughts:

-The Texans pick of Mario Williams will go down as one of the biggest draft day blunders of all time. Not because Williams will be so bad, but because Reggie Bush will be so good.

-For some reason, a horribly uncharismatic woman was chosen to entertain the crowd with interviews of Jets and Giants players during down time. She asked the worst questions and got no response from the crowd except for boos. The worst was when Doug Jolley came up there and she said, "And here's Doug Jolley, from the NEW YORK JETS!!!" Her exclamation was met with mixture of silence and boos (and there were a lot of Jets fans there). Poor Doug. And he had to stay on and ask fans bad trivia questions. This woman was indescribably awkward on screen.

-When on the air, Michael Irvin had his suit jacket buttoned and an air of "Playmaker" professionalism. Off the air, when he unbuttoned his jacket, I noticed that his tie was only half the length of a normal tie. It had a huge knot at the top and then just stopped half-way down. I found this amusing.

-Finally, a lonely man in a Giants jersey and hat (who claimed that he liked the Jets, the Redskins, and just about every other team as well) befriended a woman and her son while desperately trying to get Michael Irvin to sign a football for the little boy. Only problem was that Irvin was busy doing his job on national TV! Eventually, this man assured the little boy that Irvin would sign his ball and began telling the mother/son combo his life story. Only at the Draft.

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