Friday, April 21, 2006

Choice quotes

From Paul Shirley chat today:

Dem (Pleasant Hill, CA): If you make it big in Hollywood, what actress would you try dating?

Paul Shirley: I feel like Natalie Portman and I would work well together. I doubt she feels the same way.

BJ Carmel NY: How much drugs, boozing and womanzing goes in the NBA these days, DONT LIE!! It couldnt have changed that much since the 80's.

Paul Shirley: I've actually written a little about this, but probably not enough. It's the single-most disappointing aspect of my NBA experience thus far. The debauchery I expected has been drastically less prevalent than I thought it would be. I'm not a particularly hard-partying guy, but I enjoy observing the situations. (And who am I to turn down the potential female trickledown?) Unfortunately, because the NBA has become so corporatized and the players understand the possible financial repercussions of their actions (i.e. they won't get ridiculous, long-term, guaranteed contracts if they are caught snorting coke off toilet seats), the behavior is not nearly as outlandish as one would think. I guess that's a good thing, from a societal standpoint. It's just boring for me.

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