Sunday, March 25, 2007

Better Know A "Zhungguoren"

Welcome to part 874,513,228 of John Delury's 1.3 billion part series, Better Know A Zhungguoren (Chinese person). Today's interview brings us to the fightin' Soho 7-Eleven.

John Delury: As I entered the store I couldn't help but notice the "No vacation" sign on the door. How do you cope with that draconian policy?
Zhungguoren 874,513,228: Working here is like being on vacation.
JD: I see. If the store was on fire and you could save one item before it burned to the ground, what would that be?
ZG: Definitely a bottle of Pocari Sweat, the big size.
JD: What is your favorite page from Jonathan Spence's epic tome, The Search for Modern China? You know that I helped him research that, right?
ZG: Page 188.

JD: Alright, I've got one final question for you. Great Wall or Greatest Wall?
ZG: Did it keep the Mongolians out? I don't think so.
JD: Ok, I'll put you down for Great.

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