Saturday, March 10, 2007


One for every blogger:

Actual God

you blogged like a genius,
but not like AG.

(the) Actual Rod

One post longer than
six months of AG. It must
be Actual Rod.


He was a hungry
blogger. I caught him blogging
for a sandwich once.

Beneficent Allah

A new twist on god
in the blogs. Has he got the
goods? Bien sur mengs.


To Dan it's easy.
To us it's hard. That's why Dan's
our comedy bard.

Elm Rock City

Our youngest blogger
and last link to Yale, lucky
for us, she blogs well.


The Chess Babes may not
make the man. But the witty
posts about them do.


the politics of
weightlifting keep finnegan
in shape for blogging


Like dark and dirty?
Looking for a new opening? Take
a stab at Kingspawn.


We still check each day,
hoping against hope for at
least Congdon content.

Mr. Wrongway

The idiot's book
on blogs says that Mr. Wrong-
way speaks the real truth.

Mulatto Jesus

No Yale, no problem.
MJ was the new AG,
now he's his own man.


Looking for a muse.
Must be comatose or dead.
Call Nostradamus.


All those blog posts. Still,
people just ask where to eat.
Better than nothing.

That Girl

Liveblogging ain't a
game. It's a lifestyle. Don't trust
me? Just ask That Girl.


Quality over
quantity means Tom only
gives us his best work.

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  1. Many masterpieces here Rich. Thank you, the party was splendid, thanks to you!