Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Spot On

This wonderful article reminds me of a comment I once wrote about Everybody Loves Raymond: "Relax, I just wanted to tell you that I love that one where Raymond does something marginally wrong like going to play golf with his friends and his wife gets angry at him and his mother interferes somehow."

The nuts:

In the revised episode, taped late last week and scheduled to air in May, Remini's character Carrie Heffernan, the sharp-tongued but beautiful wife of portly Queens delivery man Doug Heffernan, will reveal to her husband she was pregnant and had an abortion without his knowledge. Carrie's revelation comprises the secondary, or "B," story of the episode, in which Doug eats a meatball sandwich against his wife's wishes...

"Leah did some brilliant acting," said Krespie, who called Remini's portrayal of a woman who had recently had an abortion "spot-on." "Our show does a lot of quiet, observational humor, and I think anyone who's had an abortion would be hard-pressed not to relate to, and get a chuckle out of, Carrie's situation."

Update (3/7/07):
For some reason, I cannot find this article anywhere on the Onion web site! Was it taken down or is it just missing? The link above goes to another article. Can someone look into this for me?

Update (3/13/07): Thanks to Anonymous' comment, I now see that they put the article back up, but with generic names. Incredible! CBS/The King of Queens must have gotten really pissed off about it and forced the Onion to take it down. Luckily, anyone who reads this blog knows the real story.


  1. Do you have a link for this story (K of Q)?

  2. this is sick...perhaps the article was too offensive? because (as anon. points out) the link does not work, and i cannot find this gem anywhere on the onion web site!!

    if they took it down, that is BULLSHIT. but i hope that it is just a mistake and will be posted again soon.

  3. It's back up, but with fake actor and show names now. I blame Scientology!