Friday, March 30, 2007

Xi'an Surprise

So if you have been reading along about China, you have seen that Chinese people just LOVE to say "Hello" to Westerners like me. I ignore them a lot, but my natural reaction is to at least acknowledge these people, so this it what happened in Xi'an:

I was walking alone on a side street when I heard...
Chinese woman: Hello my friend where you from?
Me (she was sort of cute): From America, New York City.
Chinese woman: Oh really? Very nice, you should come into my shop and buy something.
Me: That's ok, I've gotta get going anyway.
Chinese woman: Come on, just take a look.
I agreed and when I took a peek I saw nothing but the raunchiest sex DVDs and other goodies, along with a curtain to a back room of sorts.
She smile politely and said, "You like, my friend?"

Goodbye my friend.

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  1. Don't they execute people for selling pornography in China? Seems pretty risky, and risque.