Friday, March 30, 2007

Random Observations

Internet has been and will continue to be spotty now that I have left Beijing. Since I last wrote, I have taken two overnight trains, actually gotten to better know a few Zhungguoren, and been to Xi'an and now Shanghai.

-Something you don't see in midtown Manhattan is a man walking a monkey on a chain. Something that I did see in my first day in downtown Shanghai was a man walking a monkey on a chain.

-Even in Shanghai, it still smells just as terrible outside of a Subway sandwich shop.

-(For Dan) The Shanghai subway has those protective glass doors so that no one can fall onto the tracks while waiting for a train. Also, on the outskirts of Beijing (and in parts of Shanghai) they have traffic lights that count the length of time left in red and green lights. Finally, Nick and I will be visiting the Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Hall soon. We'll take good notes.

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  1. Sick about the Urban Planning hall! and the glass doors, so f-ing safe i love it! I hope there is a picture of monkey on a chain