Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Fire up the grill

The Stonegrill that is. It's a slab of black rock heated to 400 degrees and brought to your table so that you can cook your own steak (and the name of a chain of Hong Kong steakhouses). If it sounds like Korean BBQ, well...that's because it's sort of pretty similar...BUT this is for American-style steak, chicken, and fish dishes, so it is different. Furthermore, everything is personalized, because each person gets his own grill. Which leads me to the Killer App of The Stonegrill: Every bite of steak that you eat will be cooked freshly, EXACTLY to your liking. This is especially critical for someone like me who eats slowly. My final piece of steak is almost never as good as the earlier pieces because it has been sitting out for so long. But here, I can cook it for the first time even though it's the final piece!

Basically, the concept is simple. You start out with a piece of meat on the grill. You cook it a little bit and take it off the grill. Then you cut it up and put it back on piece by piece to cook it and eat it. And of course, crucially, they serve good meat here as well. My piece had enough natural flavors that I didn't even put any sauce on it (and that was a lower-end cut of meat).

All in all, a place definitely worth a visit, especially for the HK$98 lunch set special.

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