Thursday, April 26, 2007

Resturant Guide Revision?

It has been suggested that I add a rating system to my restaurant guide. Is this a good idea? Probably...but it would also be a lot of work for me, so here's how it might work. Five categories: 1. Food Quality, 2. Decor, 3. Quality of Service, 4. Value, 5. Approximate Price. Each of the first four categories would be scored from 1 to 10.

10 = A special treat. As close to perfection as possible.
8-9 = Excellent. A place that you always feel up to eating at.
6-7 = Very good. You're happy to eat here, but you know you could do a little better.
4-5 = Serviceable. You would eat here, but not be that happy about it.
1-3 = Very bad. You do not want to eat here.

These are just some ideas I have. I would love reader feedback and I have not committed yet to anything that I have written here.


  1. There's no way you'll be able to apply a rating system that granular consistently.

    My recommendation:

    Have a thumbs up/thumbs down rating, and an approx. price.

  2. you would never have used the phrase "special treat" without Chinification