Friday, April 06, 2007

Not even the MagLev could save me

I pulled an Ariel today and missed my flight to Hong Kong. Even though the MagLev train went up to 431 km/h and was amazing (you haven't felt a rush until you've been passed by a MagLev while riding a MagLev), I reached the check-in counter for my 3:00 PM flight at 2:30 PM. Whoops.

But because I am one lucky guy and China Eastern Airlines runs a lot of flights from Shanghai to Hong Kong, I was able to switch right away to the 3:30 PM flight. And for free no less! The flight ended up being delayed, but I was just happy to be on it and make to Hong Kong.

The buildings here in Central are huge, and there are tons of them. The tallest one (Two International Financial Centre) looks even taller because it appears to be isolated, at least on first glance. Also, in taking the train from the airport to Hong Kong Island, I was amazed at how much I had gotten used to hearing Mandarin. Cantonese sounded terrible!


  1. you sound terrible

  2. Rich, I have purchased an amazing birthday gift for you and Dan, which I will reveal to you in a few days. I hope you like it.