Sunday, April 08, 2007

Little Richie in Hong Kong Land

Hong Kong is like San Francisco on steroids meets the Hollywood Hills with skyscrapers meets tropical island meets the future of civilization. It's complicated...and fascinating especially from an urban planning perspective Daniel. Check out this view of Central:

The world's longest escalator (it's not continuous, there are breaks between streets) is endlessly fascinating to me and completely unique. Imagine if Midtown Manhattan was at the bottom of a hill and you could ride an escalator up to the Upper East Side if you want a flawed New York analogy.

Also, the money here is not printed by the government! It comes from three different banks (HSBC, Bank of China, Standard Chartered) and each one prints bills that look slightly different. Imagine if U.S. currency was printed by Citibank, Chase, and Bank of America. Pretty weird, right?


  1. that would def be weird.

  2. I was equally impressed by the escalator. The Octopus Card was another transportation systems gem I enjoyed in HK.

    I linked to your blog from Mullato's. Great work; I've been reliving my trip to China/HK (circa 2005) through this. I miss Pocari Sweat.