Monday, April 02, 2007

Overheard in Shanghai

Both quotes were in the Old Town area of Shanghai, which has been re-created to look like Old Shanghai, but it's sort of tacky with tons of shops trying to sell you kitschy Chinese stuff. However, it's also home to the beautiful Yu Yuan (gardens), which draws lots of tourists, including myself.

1. Outside the best xiaolongbao (Shanghai soup dumplings) place in the city. There is consistently a 45-minute line, but the dumplings are delicious.

American tourist (while looking at the dumpling restaurant): Are we close to the McDonald's yet?

2. Walking in the heart of the Old Town shopping area.

American mom (gesturing at Chinese-style sloping roof that is EVERYWHERE in this area): Wow, look up there kids, that is so Chinesey. You're not gonna find anything much more Chinesey than that. We better take a picture.
American kid: Mom, what's Chinesey?

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