Thursday, January 19, 2006

Around the office

Every time I want to get from the elevator banks into the office, someone has to "buzz" me in (the situation happens more often than you might think because the men's room is near the elevators). This buzz involves a secretary hitting a switch behind his/her desk in order to trigger the door. Some of these secretaries are always on the ball, buzzing you in so that all your motions are natural, as if the doors were just open. More importantly, the good ones don't let you hear that they are pushing the button to let you in. Others prefer to smash it senseless, making sure that you get in, but also making sure that you know who let you in. Still others just don't pay enough attention, a terrible sin that sometimes forces me to use my keycard for entry. Needless to say, I am most impressed by the silent types who allow me to enter the office at my own pace.

Also, I just used the handicapped stall in the bathroom and it was luxurious. It even had its own sink.

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