Thursday, January 19, 2006

Not surprising that he is on the Knicks

From what I have read, Antonio Davis seems like a great guy and if someone wants to pay him $13.8 million to play basketball for one year, that's fantastic...but only for him. Obviously this has been said a lot, but what the hell is wrong with the NBA that a big man who has barely averaged 10 points a game (for his career) with a terrible field goal percentage is so well-compensated. Oh, he has pulled down 7.5 rebounds per game...ok, that makes the difference. Not! The most amazing thing is that Davis doesn't even have the most absurd contract on the Knicks. At least he is playing, albeit mediocrely for 20 minutes a game. Meanwhile, Penny Hardaway is decomposing on the bench, trying to get back on the floor (but to be fair, Penny was once a top player in the league, Davis was never even close). And the Knicks have no first round picks for the next two years. Smart. No wonder you don't hear "Go New York, go New York, go!" chants anymore. Please don't hurt me Isiah...

In looking through the absurd world of NBA contracts, I insist that if you have a kid who might be 6'6" tall, try to make him into an NBA player.

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