Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Only on the Internet

An interesting look at Godwin's Law (it's about Nazis and Hitler...maybe one day it will apply to a conversation on my blog although I doubt it since no one ever comments!).

And this is a great article about a children's entertainer named The Great Zucchini. Makes me long for the parties over at Jeremy's Place.

"If you want to call me the poor man's Great Zucchini," says Jake, "I don't mind. I really don't. Listen, I look into his eyes, and he's a good guy. I look into his eyes, and there's almost . . ."

Broccoli the Clown hesitates.

". . . there's something almost innocent there."


Half an hour away, he phoned a friend and left a message: "Gettin' near Atlantic City. Gonna roll some bones." (Can't you imagine Ariel or any of us other gambling addicts doing the same thing?)

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