Sunday, January 01, 2006

An odd turn of phrase

Both Larry David and Harold Bloom use the term "good acquaintance" in their op-ed pieces in today's New York Times. I found this to be bizarre, as I would probably call a "good acquaintance" my friend. At what point can this distinction be made? Nos, can you shed some light on this situation (including more about Bloom's fascination with Limbo)?


  1. Funny you should ask! Lucy and I both noted the odd "good acquaintance" uses too. Unfortunately, due to a confidentiality agreement I signed long ago, I am unable to tender forth more information than that. Great post, though!

  2. Oh, for more on Limbo, check out Aubrey Menen's A Prevalence of Witches which is set in a fictional region of India called Limbo. It's an old favorite of HB's.