Thursday, January 05, 2006

This could be a great show

Unfortunately I missed Deal or No Deal's brief run, but supposedly it will be back.

This is an explanation of the rules:

"By now ''Deal or No Deal'' needs to be explained, which can only detract from the fun. Here we go: Twenty-six briefcases are distributed to 26 models before the show begins. Each case contains a paper listing a different dollar amount, from one penny to $1 million. At the start of the game, a contestant chooses one case, which becomes his; he is then allowed to see the sums in six of the remaining cases. After these have been disclosed, a mysterious figure known as the Banker calls the set, offering to buy the contestant's case for a sum derived, somehow, from the cash amounts that are still unrevealed.

The contestant can take the offer and cash out, or move on to the next round, during which he's allowed to open five more briefcases before the Banker's next offer. The second offer might exceed or fall short of the first offer, but it clearly reflects the newly adjusted odds about what the contestant is holding. If the contestant refuses it, he requests to see the contents of four, three, two, and then one more case, with offers from the Banker coming at the end of each round. Each time the contestant can accept and end the game, or proceed to the next round. If he doesn't accept any of the offers, he is left with the sum in his own case."

And no Tom, no game theorists have come out and solved the game yet...but I encourage you (and Al and everyone) to try.

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  1. I stumbled onto the first episode of this, and I was determined to tell Al about it...then I forgot.