Sunday, January 08, 2006

Gimme a Break

All this Rex Grossman bullshit has to stop. Have you seen his career stats (in the pros, not college)? He has played in just eight NFL games (not very well) and he is being anointed the savior of the offense? He may be better than Kyle Orton, but that's like saying I'm better at su doku puzzles than Howie the Retard from Playstation poker club. In my opinion, the Bears have a decent chance to get out of the NFC because their defense is very good and no NFC teams are particularly great. They have no chance to win the Super Bowl.


  1. Right again Rich, I was just thinking this same thing about Rex (who has practically as many season-ending injuries as touchdowns!). I predict a knee injury, perhaps a hip dislocation? Either way it won't matter, my Seahawks are going to the dance, led by my boy S.A,

  2. a friend indeed1/9/06, 12:25 AM

    be careful about attacking all thing NFL. the league is your employer, dude.