Tuesday, January 10, 2006

I miss...

...the days when the Yale blogosphere was a thriving online community (this was before I even blogged). Al used to post kooky stuff at 4 am, Dan would post brilliant things more than once every two weeks, Tom would post. Actual God's Schiavo musings made us laugh out loud and Kingspawn told us his darkest desires (good to see him back the last couple days). Then Nostradamus jumped on the scene and he has remained a steady contributor in the months both B.T. (before Terri) and A.S. (in the year of our Schiavo). Actual Rod has supplied us with wonderful political rants and I am one of the "thirsty masses" who would love to "rejoice" again. Lester...I understand your position with the Munz family. That Girl, R.I.P. Mulatto Jesus, you have been a breath of fresh air and I hope that Lofty didn't kill you. Finally, of course, there is the blogger who started it all, Finnegan. His first post in three weeks should signal a welcome return to regular posting and will hopefully serve as an inspiration to all of us (including maybe his co-blogger, Jeremy?)...


  1. Southworth's cousin1/10/06, 4:53 PM

    implied between the lines is "but I, but I, alone, richard, son of noble law clerk berger of the upper east side of new york in the usa, have continued to remain the prolific life blood animating a blogopshere-organism that would otherwise perish from this earth.

  2. alright, you got me. but i still miss reading all of you guys. i don't want to be the only one (with the exceptions mentioned in the post).

  3. I've posted over 600 times. It kind of scares me to think what all that time could have been. Nearly all of my content is off the cuff, though much is edited a little bit at least. It's really frightening to think how much I could have written in that time, how many songs, how many vatic effusions, how many novels I could have written in that time, in that blasted time!

    But anyway, I too miss the good old days. I hate the feeling of checking a blog multiple times a day and finding no update. Rich, once again, I salute you for your consistent efforts, and for your revolutionary style. Now, a few words for my other "lost" friends...

    AG, I have tried to provoke a post through a comment I spent three hours working on (while watching Newsies admittedly), and what do I get? That same fucking picture of Bin Laden.... I haven't forgotten.

    Dan has promised and I am certain will deliver fantastic content in 2006.

    Lester, you were the candle by which I read my sundial. Return to us.

    Actual Rod is the man, but he needs to post more.

    Tom, I left a message for you on my blog.

    Kingspawn, more liveblogging.

  4. don't get too caught up in the past, rich...the future lies in lofty