Friday, February 23, 2007

Around the office

Two vignettes:

1. While grabbing some water in the kitchen, I took a peek over at the copy machine to see the piece of paper that was lying there. Turns out it was a copy of the complete lyrics to "My Humps."

2. There are two little girls (SVP's children, around 10-years-old) running around the 16th floor today. I have been spending most of the day in my boss's office watching videos and capturing still frames. I just want to bring them in, sit them down, and tell them:

"Girls, if you study hard enough in school and get grades, you might be fortunate enough to attend a school like Yale University. And then, if you are really successful, you might get the chance to work for a major sports league. And if you prove your worth there, then one day you could get the chance to sit in front of a television and capture images from it for 5 hours. Remember, work hard and stay in school. You could be me some day."

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