Friday, February 02, 2007

Harlem Shakes

A shout out to the boys from Gothamist:

MUSIC: The Harlem Shakes celebrate their new EP release for a second night in a row. This time they take the show to Brooklyn, where their 60s era rockin' pop will get you moving. Check out their tunes here.

Friday // 8pm // Union Pool [484 Union Ave, Brooklyn]

I went to the show last night and picked up a copy of Burning Birthdays. Indulge yourself. And I have to admit, even though I've heard "Sickos" about 600 times, it's a fucking catchy song. Also, it was great to re-connect with my own blog fans again last night. You know who you are girls. See you in New Haven tonight perhaps if the Med Students try to dissect me.

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