Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Awkward in the elevator...just like in the rest of my life

I get home, listening to my iPod and wearing a suit as usual.

I get in the elevator, but I hold it for a young teenager. I hit the button for my floor, he hits his, and I start wrapping the headphones around the iPod. He stands in one corner, I stand in another. He starts smirking at me, containing laughter. I mumble, "What?" He continues to smirk and manages to control his giggling. At least I live on the 5th floor. I get off of the elevator and hear him burst into laughter.


Have I become a suit? A trademark no personality, boring, piece of shit? I hope not. I swear, I just wear suits for work because I have to. This incident was weird because this morning I was just thinking about how I look like "a suit"on the subway every morning and then this happens. Tough times.


  1. Great post, I bet your d was hanging out of your fly or something. The idea of suit + ipod is not strange enough to make a kid crack up in my opinion.

  2. well that's the weird thing, because as soon as i got out, i checked my d and it was as secure as ever...

  3. Sweet post. You gotta give the kid a quick size up as if to say "don't make me bust out the two piece, no biscuit right in your face" as you're getting off. Put him in his place.

  4. I don't know if the previous commenters are really recognizing just how disturbing it must be for a kid to just burst out laughing at you out of nowhere and not tell you why.