Thursday, February 01, 2007

Prime Rib

Maybe it's all those cheap Vegas buffets and the terrible food in dining halls, but I have always looked down on Prime Rib as a cut of meat. For example, I would NEVER consider ordering it at a steakhouse (Porterhouse is my favorite cut), but it seems to have a very high reputation (see 1st pararaph). Am I missing out?

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  1. Hilary - your food commenter2/7/07, 12:02 PM


    I love prime rib. I agree, it does remind me a little bit of cheap buffets, but when you get a big juicy piece of prime rib, rare, with just the right amount of fat, it can be pretty perfect. I wouldn't order this at, say, a great steakhouse, but at an upscale diner (like the wicked wolf on 75th and 1st) it can be just right.