Monday, February 05, 2007

At least Lovie Smith can take solace in his Christianity

I'm not gonna gloat about my powers of prediction...wait, my score was just 4 points off from the exact final score? Ok, fine, for once I out Nostra'd Nostra. Anyway, the Colts absolutely dominated this game from post-Hester return to finish, but they also somehow managed to let the Bears hang around for way too long. Oh well, it made for a more compelling game. But enough about the game.

Upon first recollection my favorite commercial was the preview for Wild Hogs. Either that, or the commercial that I actually liked a lot, the one for GM's 100,000 mile warranty. Part of the reason I liked it so much might have been because it reminded me of this ad. I also thought that the the GPS and Maposaurus monsters ad was very funny. And for the last time I will encourage my friends and readers to check out something related to the NFL Super Ad contest. In this case I refer to the :60 version of the spot which is now available online. But enough about the commercials.

I really want to talk to you about how obvious it is that God loves Indianapolis and the Colts more than he loves anyone or anything else. It was so nice to see a good Christian coach like Tony Dungy and a good Christian owner like Jim Irsay walk away with the Lombardi Trophy. Those dirty jews have been dominating football for far too long.

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