Monday, February 12, 2007

Doing something about the stench

I have long hated the smell of Subway sandwich shops. The smell is overpowering outside of every single franchise and I am not above crossing the street to avoid it. This is why I am extremely proud of the condo board at The Waterford on the Upper East Side for suing Subway because its store is causing the building to be "inundated with strong and nauseating food odors." Fight the power! And besides, the idea of purchasing a Subway sandwich in New York makes little sense when there are so many superior delis and specialty shops everywhere.


  1. I used to gag everytime I walked by the Wendy's at UF. Fast-food air pollution should be prosecuted, I agree.

    Additionally, you are right on the mark about better restaurants to eat at. But not everyone that works in Manhattan can afford to eat like people that live in Manhattan, hence, the occasional fast food joint. That said, read The Jungle.

    - Eric "Upton Sinclair" Brandon

  2. Amazing find, Rich. WHy do you not tell me about these things in person- you're trying to up the blog readership count!