Wednesday, January 31, 2007

If you don't have multiple monitors...

...this is an AWESOME Firefox add-on!

For example, look at this:


  1. My split browser will have one page on facebook and one on a McCauly Calkin site. All the time.

  2. The worst part about driving school was siting in the courtroom for twenty minutes waiting for the damn thing to start. I thought about going to the bathroom and rubbing one off, but didn't want to miss attendance. Today the teacher was actually a pretty cool cop. I asked him how much over someone has to go before he stops them. He said about 10 to 12 in a rezzy, or about 15 on the high way. He also said shit a lot, so he was young and hip. I asked the girl why she was so stupid, the one that went 69 over, and she told me because it seemed like a good number over to be over. I agree.

  3. how the fuck did you get a screen shot rich?