Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Getting his propers

I have to say that Troy Aikman is a very good football color commentator. These days, the supposed gold standard, John Madden, mostly says stuff like: "Look at how he hit him there, wow." or "Look at how he cuts back there, isn't that great?" Aikman, on the other hand, actually provides insightful and informative commentary. His playing days are a bonus instead of a drawback. In addition, he is not afraid to voice his opinion. For example, at the end of the Giants-Eagles came, he criticized the Eagles for setting up to kick on 3rd down with :20 left in the game (a point I entirely agreed with). Amazingly, as if they had heard what Aikman said, the Eagles elected to run one more play and kick the winning field goal on 4th down as time expired, giving the Giants no chance to come back (a result that I was not happy about). Pay attention to Aikman this weekend on Fox, because he's the best in the business right now. Pretty good for someone who retired after his 10th concussion!

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