Monday, January 15, 2007

The other side of the Golden Globes

In parallel to That Girl, who is taking care of business in her wonderful way over at Delino, here are some other intermittent thoughts:

8:00 Why is this show not being broadcast in HD?
8:05 Let's hope Prince is busy gearing up for the Super Bowl XLI halftime show...
8:06 Props to JT for making the best of an awkward situation. I just watched the Super Bowl XXXVIII halftime show with Janet Jackson again, and things couldn't have been more different then.
8:11 Do you think Jack would start a relationship with his own daughter?
8:12 Funny to see Jeremy Irons walk past Jeremy Piven after beating him for the Globe and try to say sorry to E instead of Piven. And then make an absurd joke about the name "Ahmed."
8:18 Has anyone ever seen "The Closer"? I guess so.
8:21 The speeches have been long and rambling so far. Do we really need to give these people MORE time to make themselves sound bad?
8:26 Renee Zellweger just looks a bit off. She also looks a bit like Ellen Pompeo. And Pompeo reminds me of the girl Jerry dates who looks good in one light and bad in the other on that one episode of "Seinfeld."
8:27 Amazing shocked expression from Meryl Streep. This head of the Hollywood Foreign Press seems like he barely speaks English.
8:28 Will Ferrell is looking like Alex Jacob.
8:29 Diddy looks weird without sunglasses.
8:32 I like that Jason Lee still has that huge moustache he grew for My Name is Earl. Could you imagine Kiefer saying, "I don't think that's a good idea Mr. President" to the Hollywood Foreign Press after losing this award? Me neither, he's probably so smashed he doesn't even know what's going on. God bless him.
8:40 Wait, I can win $5000 for having a good fashion sense? Sick.
8:41 Gotta love the "Ma-Sheen" telling his brother to stand up and Emilio just looking befuddled.
8:43 I'm glad that I did not see Happy Feet.
8:48 Meryl Streep must be very drunk. Hasn't she won a ton of these awards before?
8:49 Reese Witherspoon looks great, she's available, right?
8:51 I hope Eddie Murphy wins for his performance as Jimmy 'Thunder' Early. He was wonderful, singing and acting in classic Murphy fashion.
8:53 Dinner Break. I'm DVRing the show, so I'll check back and see how things went.
8:55 I'm back and catching up (I'll use the real times of the show so as not to confuse people). I like that people are walking around in the front while Ben Stiller introduces Borat.
9:00 I'm confused, how could Ben Affleck possibly be a Supporting Actor in Hollywoodland? Or Jack Nicholson in The Departed (maybe this one makes sense)? Or Brad Pitt in Babel? What a weird category. Maybe I just don't understand what supporting means.
9:01 Eddie Murphy wins! He's playing the straight man in his speech, but he's still got that incredible smile.
9:08 Who did Sienna Miller wink at?!
9:09 Is Matthew Perry still deserving of a reaction shot?
9:10 Wow, the Brits have really dominated this show, right?
9:11 Annette Bening is smashed.
9:12 Another British winner. Pretty amazing that Helen Mirren played Elizabeth I and Elizabeth II in two award-winning performances in the same year! How does she get up for her daily life?
9:18 Cameron Diaz does NOT look her best. Couple my criticism with her JT break up and she's had a rough time of it recently.
9:20 Another award, another British winner. And this one is VERY political. Funny that he is the first one told to wrap his speech up early.
9:21 Break for 24. Will recap the rest of the Globes later (but as if they were in real-time).
9:22 24 was fairly intense to say the least. Vanessa Williams' hair is terrifying. Tim Allen just called 30 Rock, 3rd Rock. I think he still wishes (not surprisingly) that we were living in the mid-90s. Amazing Galaxy Quest reference though. Carell probably should have won, but Baldwin is pretty fun these days, so I don't mind too much.
9:32 I guess that it's nice for the Ugly Betty people to win. The Golden Globes are different from the Emmys in that the same shows and actors don't win every year. I guess that's nice, but I was still rooting for The Office.
9:34 Jamie Foxx is so arrogant it's scary.
9:36 Why is an off-camera announcer describing the foreign language films? Do they not trust Djimon Honsou and Sharon Stone? Interesting. Also, this might be the strongest Best Foreign Language Film category ever.
9:46 Good to see that Prince made it. I wonder if he saw JT's impression of him? Hmm, the announcer is back, I guess they don't trust anyone at this point...
9:49 Well, they can trust John Stamos and Jennifer Love-Hewitt to read out names. Is Ugly Betty a good show? Anyone?
9:51 Ironic that all these people obsessed with traditional exterior beauty are wildly cheering a speech extolling the virtues of inner beauty.
9:52 Stamos is chatting up Nicholson's daughter...think he ever hit on the Olson twins?
9:53 Most awkward interview of the night. But no one cares because Maria Menounos is hot. I guess it IS all about outer beauty.
10:04 Have I ever told you how much I love the movie Dick Tracy?
10:21 There's nothing like a good Ishtar joke.
10:28 Great to see Sacha Baron Cohen as a winner. Eeez niiiiice. Best joke of the night is about Ken Davitian (aka Azamat Bagatov). Azamat drinks straight from the bottle, the only way he knows how.
10:37 Everyone seems to want to see Borat win for best Comedy/Musical, but not surprising that Dreamgirls takes the prize.
10:43 No messing around now, they are speeding through this thing. It's funny how they always waste sooo much time in the early stages, then rush through the final more important awards. You would think that they would have learned from their mistakes by now in these shows, but I guess not.
10:45 Great color tie for Philip Seymour Hoffman...not sure if it belongs at a black-tie event, but who cares?
10:46 Helen Mirren seemed pretty ready to win again. Pretty amazing night for her, eh? But why didn't Hoffman hand her the award?
10:54 Does Forest Whitaker have a lazy left eye?
11:00 The GOVERNATOR! On crutches no less. What a trooper.
11:01 He definitely pronounced it BA-bel so people wouldn't think he said Bobby. Although I suppose only Charlie Sheen would have expected a win for Bobby. Sick immigration joke by Inarritu.
11:05 It's weird that there was no host for this show, but Arnold had a fitting conclusion: "We'll be back."

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