Thursday, January 04, 2007

Fortune smiles on Rich

Location: Cosi on 45th Street

I go to pay for my sandwich and as I do, I hand over my Cosi card (buy 10, get 1 free) with 4 stamps on it.

Cashier: Sorry, we don't accept those anymore, you've gotta have one of the new cards.
Me: But, I've already got 4 stamps on it. Can't you just put a 5th one on and when I finish this card I'll get a new one?
Cashier: Nope, sorry I can't stamp that card at all anymore.
Me: I don't can I just lose 5 sandwich purchases?
Cashier (after brief contemplation): Alright, hold on a second.
(She comes back and stamps the card 6 times, filling it up completely, meaning that my next sandwich is free.)
Cashier: Now make sure to get a new card next time.

In other Cosi-related news, I asked for a glass of water, but the only water available was hot water for tea. So the woman behind the counter filled a cup with ice and poured the hot water into the cup. By the time I drank it, it was ice cold. Smart thinking.

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