Thursday, January 25, 2007

What I learned tonight at the Knicks-Suns game

Yes, Nostra and I went to MSG tonight (after a surprisingly wonderful trip to Nathan's across the street) and watched the Knicks take on the most exciting team in the NBA. The Knicks were even ahead at one point!

Actually they were ahead for much of the first half, before a disastrous third quarter in which they played very sloppily and gave up the lead for good. Let me say this though: Knicks fans absolutely adore David Lee. And with good reason. Lee had a monstrous 14 rebounds to go along with 17 points, including many impressive dunks. This kid is for real and he should be playing as many minutes as possible. On the other hand, although Nate Robinson plays very hard, he is just not a very good shooter. He needs to work on his jump shot, but if he develops that, he has some potential to be a dangerous player. Eddy Curry dominated much of the first half, but he struggled with foul trouble and eventually an injury in the second half. He is a tantalizing talent who has yet to put it all together.

Also, not surprisingly, Steve Nash was incredibly impressive. His shot is so pure. He seemed to be in control of the tempo of the game at all times, to the point that when he made mistakes it was legitimately a big surprise. Finally, the Knicks really have to work on their defense. They gave Phoenix far too many open shots and were honestly lucky not to lose by more than five.

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