Friday, September 30, 2005

Inside the NFL

Having just recently gotten HBO, I was not particularly familiar with this show. I had heard rumors of its greatness, but that was all. After watching it for a little while tonight, I discovered something incredible. Every week, Harry Kalas, the heir to the John Facenda fortune, narrates the highlights of the past weekend's games with incredible footage from NFL Films. This deep, booming voice is music to my ears and makes every game seem more important than the last. Fabulous stuff.

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  1. molting penguin9/30/05, 1:45 AM

    Hi Rich,
    As a reader of both Delino and Marquis, I have a question that has been tickling the back of my mind for a while. What makes you decide to post one thing on Marquis and another thing on Delino? Sometimes you cross-post but other times you split things up. Is there a system? Tell us a bit about the inner workings of the blogging genius...