Wednesday, September 21, 2005

A more topical post

Last night was Tuesday Night Trivia for this young blogger. This is a fun exercise for my mind that I usually attend every week or every other week. There are not usually enough blogging or zombie-related questions for my taste, but I make do with what they give me (Tom, you would be happy to know that in the visual round there was a picture of Felix Frankfurter...he looked a lot like Harry Truman).

Every team has to come up with its own witty and topical name. The more tasteless the better. So in honor of the various storms that have been ravaging the southern United States and the light of the lives of Actual God and Nostradamus, I named my team "Topical Storm Terri Schiavo."

Sadly, the winner for best name was "Everybody Tolerates Raymond."

The woman in charge pissed me off to no end when she actually announced my team name. She said, "Topical Storm Schiavo (pronouncing it SHEE-a-vo)". Not only did this woman mispronounce Terri's last name (correct would be SHY-vo), she left out her first name entirely! She ruined the T.S.T.S. symmetry and made the whole thing sound less lyrical. I am convinced that if the masses had heard the entire name, they would have demanded satisfaction and ensured that I won best name.


  1. you're a blogging machine! see, i am checking it every five minutes

  2. Ha! Perfect example of how short-term media memories are... The Raymond story was only a few weeks old, while the storm and Schiavo are both practically forgotten at this point...