Saturday, September 17, 2005

Is this normal?

Walking on Park Avenue today, after having a long discussion with my assistant about how my father works there, I looked up and noticed something interesting. A woman and her husband were walking down the street with two young children in tow. One was in a stroller, the other was in his/her mother's arms...and at her breast. Breast-feeding is perfectly healthy, but while walking down Park Avenue? Well at least she was letting all the boys see boobies...


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  4. hey rich, you gotta start taking anti-smamming measures. I don't know if this shit is legit or someone's idea of a joke. Either way, it detracts from your blog. As for breastfeeding on park ave--it's fine as long as the mother's remotely young and attractive. Otherwise it's kind of gross but definitely should be legal.