Wednesday, September 14, 2005

More outrageous actions from the NCAA

I hate the NCAA. It is an incredibly hypocritical organization that clearly does not have the best interests of college athletes in mind. At this point I do not want to fully elaborate on the NCAA's numerous flaws, but rather call attention to the most recent actions. President Myles Brand has said that athletes from Katrina-affected schools will still have to sit out one year if they want to transfer to another school (upholding the current rule). As usual, this makes things more difficult for college athletes. The players who would transfer are probably the better athletes with potential for professional careers, so this ruling is particularly bad for them as it essentially robs them of a year to develop their skills. The NCAA needs to be entirely reorganized and made to look out more for the very athletes who support the organization.

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  1. I agree entirely with your thrust. The NCAA is absurd and profits enormously while allowing its athletes no compensation at all.

    Also don't forget the Maurice Clarett situation, not to mention the new NBA age limit madness on top of all of this. Atheletes, the man wants to use you for as long as he possibly can. And he will, oh will he.