Friday, March 24, 2006

March Madness

Observations from Slate: A look at Annoying White Guys; a bit about how mid-majors are mostly majors without the talent, meaning they have the same lack of "student-athletes," written by former YDN editor-in-chief Jacob Leibenluft.

Observations from Rich: As amazing as MMOD is (for awhile I was watching both the Gonzaga-UCLA game and the West Virginia-Texas games at the same time), I noticed that there is a delay of around 40 seconds vs. the TV feed (which is delayed itself by at least 5 seconds or so)! So it was sort of disconcerting to see the 61-61 with 5:40 left on my computer, while the scoreboard on the top of the TV said 63-61 with 5:03 left. Not a huge deal I guess because most people would be just watching on their computers.

I feel terrible for Redick and Morrison, especially Morrison, as the Zags obviously should have won that game. But that's the nature of the Tourney. Of course the Gonzaga loss can't hinge on just one play, but how can Batista, a big strong guy, get stripped in that situation. He's gotta hold onto the ball better. And then Raivio went out of control back the other way. Tough way to go for the Zags. As for Duke, the Blue Devils picked a bad time to play their worst game of the season. They shot under 30 % for the game!! Redick forced too many shots and simply had an off night. I still think that he will be a solid pro because he will never again have to worry about the kind of defensive attention that LSU gave him. He will be an NBA role player, a gunner. It was a rough night all around as I was hoping that West Virginia and my boy Mike Gansey could do the deed against Texas, but alas it was not to be. Even with a miracle from Pittsnogle...

Lest you all think that I only like white players, I will soon be posting my arguments for Dwyane Wade's superiority over Steve Nash. You might think that is much of a debate, but my friends have been talking up Nash quite a lot over the last two days.

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