Thursday, March 09, 2006

Parental Control

Inspired by Mulatto Jesus, Dan and I just watched an episode of this show and we loved it! More good reality TV. After so much wrong, there is finally so much right. I will spare you all the details of the episode (except for the fact that the mom's broken English made things much funnier), but I will tell you what happened at the end. As is customary, Jamie (the boy) was discussing his dates and his final decision. He had narrowed things down to his current girlfriend Natalie and his potential new girl, Brianna. After discussing the pros and cons of each girl, he said, "This has been really hard, but I've made my decision and I choose..." and then the DVR recording ended! Dan and I fell off the edges of our seats and then started crying. Who did he choose? Has anyone seen this episode? Can you shed some light on the situation?

(I am going to do some research, but I am really relying on the rest of the blogosphere to help me out here.)


  1. i think ive seen this--is this the one where natalie is crazy and really controlling and brianna is cheery and asian? if so, he chose brianna...BUT, then she rejected him!

  2. Yeah, he chooses Brianna... Funny thing, I actually licensed some Alcibiades Jones music for use in Parental Control. Lucy and I have watched it religiously. So far they haven't used our music, but I've missed a few episodes so who knows!