Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Meeting Squash superstar Jonathon Power

After watching Gregory Gaultier's brilliant upset of defending champion Anthony Ricketts in the Tournament of Champions last night at Grand Central Terminal, I turned around to see none other than Jonathon Power standing a few feet away from me.

After watching him absolutely obliterate his countryman Matthew Giuffre 11-1, 11-0, 11-1 the night before, I decided to approach the Canadian professional.

Me: Just wanted to say that I was very impressed with your play last night.
Power (smiling): Thanks so much.
Me: So, you have any tips for a mediocre squash player?
Power (chuckles, thinks about how absurd it is for me to call myself mediocre): Just make sure you always play within yourself. (Or something like that.)

What should have happened:
Me: So Jonathon, what do you think about that picture they have of you at the Yale Club? You know the one that they show people in order to make sure that they wear goggles?
Power: Um, what are you talking about?
Me: The picture where you clearly just got nailed in the face by a squash ball...why wouldn't you wear goggles when you play now?
Power: Alright, alright you got me, that was a promotional picture that Louis and I made together. I never got hit in the face. But it has you wearing goggles, right? Oh yeah, and next time you go to the YC can you ask Louis how his junk is? Tell him mine is doing great.

I also could have asked him why he has an "o" at the end of "Jonathon?" Is it a Canadian thing?

On another semi-celebrity note, Wayne Chrebet just walked by my desk with his arm in a sling.

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  1. Rich was so excited about this post that he called me last night about it.