Wednesday, March 15, 2006

The Onion giveth and The Onion giveth more

First, a fascinating interview with Matisyahu, an Hasidic Jew who makes "reggae-fueled" music that's fun for the whole family and then some.

Second, an article that explains what women are really like. Notice the Hidden Hand reference. I didn't know that you had so much influence Kingspawn:

"Ericsson said he began to suspect a "hidden hand" at work during the months following his 2004 breakup with then-fiancée Sara Osborne, when potential dates routinely refused to return his calls or e-mails. "

Third, it is a good thing that we are saving the African children.

Finally, on a different note, Jayson Stark gives some good ideas for improving the World Baseball Classic. I have enjoyed the games that I have watched so far, but it has often been tough to find them on TV. Also, I would change the tie-breaker system. The first tie breaker (after head-to-head) should be run differential, not runs allowed. Winning 12-8 should be just as good as winning 6-2.

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