Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Champions League Final

Since most of you don't care, I just want to make a few quick points:

-It was great for the game that Arsenal scored first. If Barcelona had gone 1-0 ahead, while being up a man, things could have ended up being pretty boring. Instead, there was palapable tension for over 80 minutes (the end was rather boring, as Barca played keep-away).

-Barcelona were deserving 2-1 winners (the exact scoreline that I predicted by the way) based on their season-long performance, but things could have easily been very different today. Ronaldinho was far from his best, and Henry easily could have scored once or twice to double Arsenal's advantage in the second half. Arsenal should have been more aggressive on the counter-attack in the second half as Barca was pouring men forward. The Gunners took a few decent chances, but sat back too much on the whole.

-I wonder what Henry was talking about with all those Barca players after the game? He is widely rumored to be heading to Barca after the season, and his friendliness with the Barca players and his apparent displeasure with Arsene Wenger during the game should do nothing to quiet those rumors...

-How cruel was it that while the Arsenal players collected their silver medals, they had to walk past the Champions League Cup? That is just not right. It's nice that they get the medals, but couldn't they bring the Cup up afterwards? Every single Arsenal player and coach took a sad glance at the Cup! In America, they don't make the losing teams walk right next to the Lombardi Trophy or Stanley Cup...

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