Tuesday, May 09, 2006


This comes a little late and I don't want to discuss it thoroughly, except to say that the myriad discussions are not worth all the time and effort. In my mind, LeBron was the MVP. I would have voted Kobe second, Dirk third, and Nash fourth. But when you read this, you realize that there's no point in arguing when the voters don't even bother to do their jobs (I wonder if anyone left Nash off?):

Jeff (Phoenix, AZ): It is unconscionable that 22 MVP voters did not list Kobe as among their top five. How can the voting be taken seriously when this is the conduct of those with ballots?

John Hollinger: I'm surprised by that number, yes -- as weird as Kobe can be at times (witness the end of game 7), it's hard to deny that he carried that team to the playoffs on his back. He wasn't the only one though -- five people left LeBron off, and 11 couldn't make room for Dirk.

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  1. i agree rich, this actually reeks of subtle racism and kind of "oh he's a scrappy white guy like i would be if i played in the league" on the part of sportswriters to me.