Tuesday, May 30, 2006


The Detroit Pistons have been a very good team the last 3 seasons. That is all. They are not legendary and they never will be after they lose to the Heat. They won one title and nearly won another (although last year they also could have easily lost to the Heat if Wade was not hurt). Oh wait, you know who else did that? The 1978-1979 Seattle Supersonics. Quick, name 3 players from those teams. Or 2? This was the only great regular season for the Pistons, as back-to-back 54 win campaigns the previous two years did not exactly bring back memories of the Jordan-led Bulls who won 72, 69, and 62 games on their way to a SECOND 3-peat. But you're right Marc J. Spears; these Pistons are just as memorable as Muhammad Ali. Gimme a break. The San Antonio Spurs and the Los Angeles Lakers have both accomplished far more in the post-Jordan era.


  1. Far and away? From '99 to '05, the Lakers won more W. conference titles than the Spurs (4 to 3), and as many NBA championships (3). Furthermore, the Spurs won 2 of their championships ('99 and '05) when Phil Jackson wasn't coaching. I'd say the Phil Jackson-coached Lakers of '00 to '02 were the best post-Bulls team, with the Spurs a close second and the Pistons a close third.

  2. whoops. that was clearly a mistake on my part. i am changing the post to reflect the astute comment by anonymous. i will say that the Lakers AND Spurs are tops. with the Pistons noticeably behind, but clearly third. thank you.