Friday, May 12, 2006

NFL Workshop for Women

I just stumbled onto this wonderful 1997 handbook that teaches women about the rules of the game of football. In 25 short pages (including 5 or 6 for notes), a total NFL neophyte can become an expert in a matter of minutes (or maybe hours). Amazingly, at that time, more than 40 million women watched the NFL every weekend without knowing the rules! My favorite fun fact: "During the football season, an NFL team will go through an average of 1,500 pounds of laundry per day." A brilliant idea to put this one in because now the women reading won't complain about washing your shirts, pants, underwear, sock, and everything else (gotta be no more than 5 pounds, right?). Anyway, I wish you all could see this booklet. I am bringing it home with me, so let me know if you're interested.

I think it would also be helpful if they distributed these guides to people from countries without the NFL. I know that my roommate Nick certainly could have learned a lot!

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