Tuesday, May 23, 2006

I have to agree

Bill Simmons says:

"If you don't think the Yanks are in trouble, check out last night's outfield: Melky Cabrera in right, Bernie Williams in center and Terrence Long in left. Would you play Bernie in center on your softball team at this point?"

With the injuries to Matsui and Sheffield, the rapid decline of Randy Johnson, and the simple fact that Mike Mussina is not nearly as good as he has been so far this year, the Yankees could be in big trouble if they don't pull off a major trade. But they are the Yankees, so they will probably get a big-name pitcher AND a big-name hitter. Will they be good enough? Possibly to reach the playoffs, but I say the title drought is sure to continue in the Bronx. Meanwhile, the Mets are looking great so far. However, they desperately need another starting pitcher to compete in the upper echelons for the entire season. All Hail King Carlos Delgado!

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