Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Where have you gone, Mrs. Eleanor?

Yalies loved you more than you could know...

Ok, that's a lie. Ms. Eleanor Holmes Norton, you were a terrible Class Day Speaker last year! We were the class of 2005, not the class of 2000 to whom you must have given a speech somewhere else 5 years prior. Oh well, at least you were memorable...in a bad way. Anderson Cooper, on the other hand gave a brief, fun, and witty talk on Old Campus this past Saturday, further illustrating how out of touch Norton was last year. I still can't believe that anyone recommended her. This stuff should have been voted on.

Anyway, graduation was fun and Yale is now mostly a memory for me as my connection there dwindled considerably after yesterday...(and after the few remaining loyal readers graduate next year, it will be practically gone) Although I do look forward to visiting the renovated Trumbull this fall. I also took some pictures of my favorite eateries before I left. I will post these later.

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