Thursday, August 18, 2005

Everyone's favorite governator back in his salad days...

...used to be a major motion picture action star. As many of you probably remember, one of his roles was as U.S. Marshal John "The Eraser" Kruger from the mediocre eponymous blockbuster Eraser. While flipping through channels last week, I happened upon a crucial scene from said film in which the bad guy, U.S. Marshal Robert Deguerin (James Caan) was frantically searching a building for Kruger and the woman he was "erasing," Dr. Lee Cullen (Vanessa Williams). This was where the fun started.

After showing Deguerin's find-Kruger-at-any-cost mentality, the next scene depicts Kruger at a computer...and obviously in a very big hurry. But how does Mr. Kruger type? How Mavis Beacon might have taught him? I don't think so. Kruger instead employs the tried and true hunt and peck method. He knows that if he takes an extra 10 seconds, it might mean the difference between life and death, but does he care? Of course not. This begs the question, why would Arnold ever need to know how to touch type? Imagine the director telling him that since Kruger is a highly trained government agent, he would probably be a little quicker with a keyboard. Arnold might reply that his fingers were just too big or more likely that is too hard to type that fast. That's why he made the big bucks and became a big shot politician and I just sit here blogging. The moral of the story is that learning how to type is not worth the effort.


  1. i wonder how defilippo types? probably with her tits.

  2. Defilippo goes to Macy's....

    Defilippo: Hi, I need clothes for my trial.

    Macy's girl: okay.

    Defilippo: I'm accused of fucking a priest, so I was thinking I should dress like a cock-addicted whore.